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Positivity - Book

Arti’s first book, ‘Positivity’ was published by The HotHive in 2009.

In 30 simple lessons the book shows you the way to lead a fulfilling and enjoyable life. It focuses on what you secretly know or are learning about but aren’t putting into practice. In a nutshell we are quick to forget key ideas, thoughts, experiences and lessons that we use on a daily basis. Yet it is these things that make us who we are and make our life what it is.

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Five Star Insights – Podcast and Column

Arti writes a monthly column called Five Star Insights for Rich Woman Magazine.

She speaks to people from a wide range of backgrounds and sectors, all of whom are successful and making a real difference in society. She introduces them and then dives straight into finding out more about the individual through their five choices of a location, cuisine, music, literature and art.

A podcast, of the same name accompanies the column. 

Column on Rich Woman Magazine

Podcast on Rich Woman Magazine

Women of Spirit Volume 2 - Book

Arti was asked to write the foreward for Women of Spirit Volume 2.  

The book is an anthology of powerful and transformational stories written by women doing extraordinary things with their lives. It documents various aspects of the human condition and is full of guidance and inspiration.

Women of Spirit is a movement led by Susie Mackie who compiled the book. For more information go to www.womenofspirit.co.uk

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Aljazeera – Presentation Training Diploma Manual

Arti wrote the Presentation Training Diploma Manual for Aljazeera’s Media Training and Development Centre which is headquartered in Doha in Qatar.

The manual is used as the foundation for all the centre’s TV presenting courses.

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